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Friends of the Urban Forest Community Tree Planting and Donation Event

On Saturday, September 27, Friends of the Urban Forest led a team of volunteers and neighborhood residents in planting 54 new street trees in the Noe and Castro neighborhoods. Thanks to Amanda Jones of Sotheby’s International Realty, who sponsored the planting through FUF’s Adopt-A-Planting program, approximately 75% of the total planting costs were covered. FUF’s experience is that the number of property owners who sign up to receive trees is increased by the subsidization of FUF’s “Tree Package,” which includes a tree, permit processing, site preparation including concrete removal, and three post-planting tree care visits. Urban street trees provide numerous environmental, social, and economic benefits — including increased property values — and are increasingly recognized by city planners as an essential element of a city’s “green infrastructure.”

Amanda Jones

Amanda Jones is among the top 1% of San Francisco realtors. She knows what it takes to be successful, and brings that expertise to bear on your individual situation. Amanda and her team are experienced in all types of real estate projects, from single-family homes and condos to tenancies in common and multi-unit apartment buildings throughout San Francisco.